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What's different about United Pipelines?

In the dynamic world of piping materials, United Pipelines (UPL) offers the maximum benefit achievable on any project, by bringing together the powerful combination of leading edge technical expertise and exacting performance standards.

No other company focuses so intensely on alliances with clients and operators. The result is united teams who not only satisfy contract demands, but also develop innovative, cost effective approaches that are tailored to your individual needs.

As our name suggests we are 'United' Pipelines.

Our products

Product listThese include;

onshore and submarine pipelines, welded & seamless pipe, induction bends, buttweld fittings, forged fittings, flanges, subsea swivel flanges, riser anchor flanges and coating for all these product forms

Our clients and industries

Oil and Gas operators, end users and their nominated (EPIC) contractors responsible for engineering design, procurement and construction of onshore and offshore plant and equipment, platforms, FPSO's and modules.

Onshore and Offshore pipeline installation and construction contractors utilising a wide range of techniques such as conventional lay barge using S-lay, J-lay, reelship, and controlled tow bundle, All have the possibility for 'pipe in pipe' insulation techniques.

Other industries include; chemical process, refining,LNG, petrochemical, marine and shipbuilding, pollution control, pulp and paper, power and utilities, metal and mining, food and brewing, agricultural, aerospace, naval and defence industries, distributors and trading companies.

Our experience

The physical evidence of United Pipelines success and experience is vast. It ranges from logistically complex multi-product pipework packages to large value, technically driven, linepipe supply contracts.

Our expertise is utilised world-wide, both onshore and offshore. We are able to offer a total support and supply capability through from design, manufacture, construction and installation. Wherever in the world your project is based - we can provide the quality of service you require on time and at the right price.