Bi-Metal Linepipe & Clad Products

Bi-Metal Pipes

Bi-Metal Lined Pipe and Metallurgical Clad Products

Bi-Metal Lined Pipe and Tubulars are innovative products manufactured from a seamless or welded carbon steel outer pipe lined with a corrosion resistant alloy liner pipe by mechanical hydraulic expansion.

Design characteristics

  • high strength carbon and low alloy steel outer pipe with CRA Liners giving corrosion performances of solid alloy material grades such as 13% Cr, 316L Stainless Steels, and or Nickel Alloys such as Alloy 904L, Alloy 825, Alloy 625.

    Alternative specialist liners can also be evaluated upon request.

    The Benefits

  • high volume production capacity and capabilities ready to satisfy today's demanding fabrication and construction schedules
  • a proven cost effective solution to engineering problems, reducing both capital expenditure (CAPEX) & operating expenditure (OPEX) particularly important on marginal field developments.


  • ideal for high pressure, high temperature, H2S, CO2 subsea production flowline and tubular applications. Especially suited where resistance to localised corrosion, chloride and sulphide stress corrosion cracking and erosion corrosion is paramount.
  • ideal for transporting raw aggressive fluids, multiphase fluids and wet gases direct from remote installations without process treatment.
  • particularly suitable for high temperature high pressure (HTHP) process conditions.

    Size range

    Typical applications for Bi Metal Lined Pipe and CRA Line pipeBi-Metal Pipes

      Onshore and Offshore Export Pipelines

      Onshore and Offshore Interfield Pipelines

      Submarine Pipelines

      Downhole Tubulars and Casing

      Transporting Erosive and Corrosive Slurries from Mining

      Structural and Splash Zone areas

      Dewatering and Water Injection

      Vapour Recovery Pipelines, flue gas, CFC's etc

      Buried River Crossings

      Geothermal Wells



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