Corrosion Resistant Alloy Linepipes

CRA pipes

Corrosion Resistant Alloy Line Pipe (CRA)

When traditional materials such as carbon steel, cannot satisfy the project needs;

  • aggressive environments,
  • installation constraints require a high degree of mechanical integrity CRA pipe
  • satisfy specific design requirements
  • environmental, health and safety legislation.


Alloys including;

  • 22% Cr Duplex SS,
  • 25% Cr Super Duplex SS,
  • 6% Moly SS,
  • Nickel alloys
  • Titanium alloy grades

Can be manufactured and supplied, for high performance Riser Pipe and Subsea flowline applications.

CRA typical size ranges

Typical applications for Bi Metal Lined Pipe and CRA Line pipe

Onshore and Offshore Export Pipelines

Onshore and Offshore Interfield Pipelines

Submarine Pipelines

Downhole Tubulars and Casing

Transporting Erosive and Corrosive Slurries from Mining

Structural and Splash Zone areas

CRA pipe

Dewatering and Water Injection

Vapour Recovery Pipelines, flue gas, CFC's etc

Buried River Crossings

Geothermal Wells



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